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Shore Excursions

几个令人兴奋的海岸游览机会等待着邮轮乘客沿北俄勒冈海岸和西南华盛顿. Shore excursions are required to be reserved in advance via your cruise line only. 请注意,名额取决于邮轮时间表和最低参赛要求.

寻求被列入本网站的岸上旅游供应商必须首先与网赌安全平台下载港签订设施使用协议.  看到 Tour Operator 更多信息请访问此网站.



Over 140 years ago young soldiers, dressed in Union Blue, stood watch on earthwork fortifications over the entrance to the Columbia River. Today you can marvel at a similar view from the re-constructed Civil War earthen works.

史蒂文斯堡是自1812年战争以来美国大陆上唯一被攻击的军事设施. 你们的导游会告诉你们6月21日晚上的故事, 1942年,沃斯堡成为日本潜艇的目标, 向沃斯堡发射了17发炮弹.

从内战开始,到第二次世界大战结束,这座堡垒服役了84年. 今天,史蒂文斯堡已经成长为3级,占地700英亩的公园提供历史探索, 自然和娱乐机会.
Fort Stevens Bike Tour (3 hours)

史蒂文斯堡是哥伦比亚河口“三堡”港口防御系统中的主要军事防御设施——坎比堡和华盛顿一侧的哥伦比亚堡是另外两个. This Fort served for 84 years.

The Fort Stevens State Park of today contains an eight-mile network of paved, mostly level bike paths.

您的导游自行车之旅的重点是哥伦比亚河沿岸国家最大的州立公园的历史和地理景点. This adventure includes Battery Russell – dating back to the early 20th century, 还有观景台,可以俯瞰太平洋和华盛顿海岸线上的失望角灯塔. 另一个吸引人的地方是1906年搁浅的英国船只“彼得·伊代尔号”的残骸. 然后享用点心和小吃. Come along on a relaxing bike tour of this Civil War era Fort - and don’t forget your camera!

当你踏上“落基山脉西部最古老的美国殖民地”的探险之旅时,请把你自己视为一个现代探险家.“加入重要访客的行列, 从1792年罗伯特·格雷上尉开始, 1805年路易斯和克拉克的发现军团, and now you. A tour of the Astoria Column reveals its breathtaking view over Astoria, the Columbia River, and the Megler Bridge to Washington. Tour Fort Clatsop, a replica of the Fort as depicted in Clark’s journal. 哪个平台网赌安全返回时经过阿斯托里亚, past its famous Union Town, the Doughboy Monument, and beautiful Victorian homes. 下一站,著名的哥伦比亚河海事博物馆, 被指定为俄勒冈州官方的州立海事博物馆. This outstanding institution with 24,000平方英尺的展览空间是美国西部第一个国家认可的海事博物馆.
山圣. Helens (7.5小时)

1980年5月18日,星期日早上8点32分,圣山. Helens erupted.

Our destination is the 山圣. Helens National Monument. Shaken by an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale, the north face of this tall symmetrical mountain collapsed in a massive rock debris avalanche. 1982年,总统和国会创造了110个,用于研究的国家火山遗迹, recreation, and education. 自己看看环境是如何再生的,景观是如何自干扰后自然地重新塑造的. 在您前往纪念碑的旅程中,哪个平台网赌安全将在您舒适的大巴上重温刘易斯和克拉克的旅程. You will see many distinguishing features and landmarks along the bank of the Columbia River. Around the top of the mountain, you will see tremendous views of 山圣. Helens, including craters, the lava dome and the blast zone. Box lunch served.
Shot in Astoria (2.5小时)

Tour of movie locations filmed in Astoria, presented by the Clatsop County Historical Society.

In 1985, 信天翁 第一部大型电影是在网赌安全平台下载拍摄的吗. 不久之后,阿斯托里亚就成了 Short Circuit (1985); 石磊, The Hunted (1986); Come 看到 Paradise (1989); Kindergarten Cop (1990); Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1992); Free Willy (1992); and 环2 (2005). Experience the excitement of Astoria with this one-of-a kind tour! 你的一天将以一个有叙述的故事开始.5 hour tour that will showcase more than 10 movie locations, 还有哥伦比亚河的壮丽景色! 哪个平台网赌安全的专业导游会为您展示网赌安全平台下载丰富的历史和最佳的拍照机会,您会发现网赌安全平台下载有更多的东西. Each participant will receive the Shot in Astoria tour book.
Ultimate Coast Tour (6.25小时)

The northern Oregon Coast pulses with a rich and varied habitat. 沿海社区也有着同样丰富多样的历史,充满了海洋遗产, timber and pioneer settlements. 从网赌安全平台下载到蒂拉穆克,您将在包括蒂拉穆克航空博物馆在内的标志性景点有新的发现, 蒂拉穆克奶酪工厂和大炮海滩.

You can’t miss the Tillamook Air Museum, the world’s largest wooden structure. B机库建造于1943年,是美国第二次世界大战期间私人拥有的最好的飞机收藏之一. View numerous vintage aircraft in the gigantic wooden structure. Enjoy 20 minute presentations of documentaries in the theater. 跳进飞机训练座舱,扮演飞行员. 还有一个很好的礼品店和café.

The Tillamook Cheese Factory is a farmer-owned cooperative established in 1909. Tillamook ice cream is limited to the Pacific Northwest and offers more than 40 flavors. 这家工厂不仅仅是一种享受冰淇淋的方式. 你可以步行参观二楼,在那里你可以鸟瞰奶酪是如何制作的. While cheese, ice cream and everything dairy is the focus of the Tillamook Cheese Factory, make sure you take time to shop their unique gift shop with a farm theme.

不要只是计划一次旅行——计划你的下一次冒险,沿着太平洋海岸崎岖的海岸线去享受蒂拉穆克航空博物馆, 蒂拉穆克奶酪工厂和大炮海滩.

Seaside has been the Northwest's most popular ocean resort for over a century. It is a destination paradise for a wide variety of reasons: its spectacular ocean views, miles of public beach, outdoor activities, 绝佳的购物和难忘的用餐. 哪个平台网赌安全的1.8-mile-long oceanfront promenade is perfect for strollers, joggers and bike riders. The wide and sandy beach is available for all kinds of activities, from low-rider beach bikes, wave watching, 去建沙堡和放风筝. Those young at heart will enjoy such amusements as the carousel and arcades. 哪个平台网赌安全提供家常菜、美食、民族美食、烈酒、葡萄酒和啤酒、小吃和甜食. 海边不仅仅是在海滩上度过一天!

Cannon Beach was named for a cannon that was discovered on the beach. In 1846, the U.S. Navy schooner Shark was wrecked while trying to leave the Columbia River. A large piece of the schooner's deck with a cannon and capstan attached washed up on the beach, 这个小镇的名字就是基于这个事件. Downtown Cannon Beach is charming, with wood or stone benches here and there for people to sit and relax. 你可以欣赏到有关“干草堆岩”的绘画和照片,也可以欣赏到野生动物和美丽的景色. 大炮海滩强调艺术, and some of the best crafts, 海边的购物中心和画廊都坐落于此. The city is planned for strolling, and visitors take advantage of this to visit the quaint bookstores, shops and bistros.

A real photo-op will be enjoyed as we stop to see Haystack Rock. At 235 feet high, it is the third-largest coastal monolith in the world. Relaxed simplicity and a magnificent natural setting attract visitors all year to Cannon Beach. 这是一个适合一日游或停留一段时间的好地方.
Flavel House博物馆的茶和烤饼.5小时)

时光倒转,去参观乔治·弗拉维尔船长于1885年建造的优雅的维多利亚式Flavel House吧, 哥伦比亚河酒吧领航员和该地区的第一位百万富翁. Flavel House是安妮女王风格建筑的华丽典范,拥有时代家具和艺术品. The Flavel House sits on a park-like setting covering an entire city block.

这座美丽的维多利亚时代的宅邸已经被历史修复专家恢复到原来的样子. Its decorative exterior, with hipped roof, balconies and verandas, 有一个四层楼高的圆顶,是弗拉维尔船长和他的妻子用来观察河上交通的. As you walk through this historic home with its 14-foot ceilings and elegant woodwork, you will discover furnishings and décor typical of a century ago. Other fine examples of the wood worker’s craft are the six hand-carved fireplace mantles, all carved from different hardwoods. After the tour relax with us in the parlor for a treat of tea and scones.
Astoria Ale Tour (3 hours)

啤酒爱好者称俄勒冈州为“啤酒天堂”." Astoria pubs share the beer culture of the state by providing award-winning beers. 在四个地点中的三个停靠的巴士旅行中, 你将有机会体验酒吧文化,这是俄勒冈州社会结构中根深蒂固的一部分. At each location, you'll sample several different beer styles and have a pub snack. 沿途,当地导游将介绍阿斯托里亚的酿造历史和每家酒吧的位置. Your tour will include stops at:
  • Fort George Brewery + Public House, the actual location of the first permanent American settlement on the Pacific Coast. 在他们八桶半的啤酒厂里, 他们使用有机麦芽和最新鲜的麦芽, most locally-obtainable ingredients. 他们经常在传统范畴之外酿造啤酒, 努力创造出从人群中脱颖而出的啤酒.
  • The Wet Dog Cafe, 阿斯托里亚酿酒公司的所在地, 阿斯托里亚最古老的手工酿酒厂成立于1997年. They are one of the few breweries in Oregon to use solar power to preheat their brewing water. They offer unique beer styles, snacks made by using their beers, and pub merchandise.
  • Rogue Ales Public House, the Astoria outpost of Newport, Oregon-based Rogue Ales. 流氓啤酒是用最好的啤酒花和大麦麦芽酿造的, free range coastal water and Pacman top fermenting proprietary yeast. Preservatives? Additives? Chemicals? 从来没有! The Public House is located in the historic 1875 Hanthorn Cannery, now called Pier 39.
  • 浮标啤酒也被添加为一站.

Willamette Valley Wine Tours (7.5小时)

Here's your opportunity to visit Oregon's most prominent Willamette Valley wineries. 在参观这些葡萄园的过程中,您将了解和欣赏威拉米特山谷中众多的种植区和众多的葡萄酒.

与酿酒师见面,了解他们是如何种植和生产这些非凡的俄勒冈葡萄酒,以及如何根据每个葡萄园的位置进行独特的制作. 在您的第一站,将提供盒饭,并在品酒室购买葡萄酒.

专注于手工制作, 庄园酿造的葡萄酒,可媲美世界上最好的葡萄酒. 这两个酒厂都位于受保护的Willamette山谷,有温和的南坡. 山坡上种植着早熟品种,包括黑皮诺、灰皮诺等. 来探索细微的差别,从不同的葡萄园地点和样品一些最好的葡萄酒,太平洋西北提供.
Panoramic Astoria Tour (2 hours)

Astoria was established in 1811 by the John Astor fur trading party, and became the first permanent U.S. 落基山脉以西的一个定居点. 在这个城市的全景介绍中,您将了解到阿斯托里亚的历史,并回到过去. 您的导游会带您游览历史名胜. 您将看到克拉克·盖博首次登台演出的自由剧院以及步兵纪念碑, historical houses and the first Victorian mansion where Captain George Flavel once lived. Learn about the 1922 fire that nearly destroyed Astoria and the rebuilding to bring it back. Your guide will also tell you about the development of Astoria Uniontown, 钓鱼, 寄宿家庭和女性寄宿家庭. 你很快就会到达阿斯托里亚纵队, 那里不仅装饰着美丽的艺术品,而且还能欣赏到华盛顿海岸的美景.

Coastal Forest Zip Line (3.5小时)

欣赏美丽的自然环境, complete with seasoned timber, ponds and a seven acre private lake. Challenge a friend or a family member and race down on the Willow and Spruce line. Zip down the Maple line and take an optional dip in the lake. Our 8 line tour will leave you and your family with fond memories, 让你想要更多的回来.

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